Low-code for Developers

Hofstadter Studios is a declarative programming and rapid development platform. You describe your idea as 'designs', the single-source of truth, and your real-time application updates to reflect your changes. Hofstadter Studios will generate a full implementation and handle its management so you can rapidly iterate on your ideas.


You write designs as the single-source of truth. Describe your users, features, and the rules. Use the editor of your choice.


Hofstadter Studios tracks your changes and manages updates in real-time. Quickly take your idea to implementation with a "hof app push"


Customize when and where you need it. From the look and feel to the logic behind the scenes. React components and serverless functions.

Hofstadter Studios

A Declarative Development Platform so you can get from idea to application with ease.

  • Production Grade
  • Low-code Development
  • Ready to Iterate

Live Server

A dual GraphQL / REST server manages your backend application and database. Updates are automatic.


A React based client is created for you. Design visualizations and declare the data which should be present. Customize with your own components, pages, and layouts.


We have lots of ideas and features in the works. Everytime we gain a capability, you get it too.

Private Beta Users

We are looking for adventurous developers who are excited to try new modes of development.