High Code

for higher velocity development Drive high-quality code and rapid iteration from prototype to production through technology-agnostic code generation. Gain development efficiency and deliver continuous innovation.

Force-multiplying software development

CUE powered DX

Declarative and Unified

hof is a CLI that uses CUE and modules as the primary input for data models, code generation, data flow, and more. These can be combined in multiple ways to create higher levels of code reuse.

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Code Generation

Any Language, Any Technology

hof uses loads modular generators and your input to create living boilerplate and scaffolding across the stack. Customize output, update inputs, regenerate, hof will handle any merging.

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Data Models

Single Point of Truth

Your data model is the basis for code generation. It contains information about the types and relations in your app. With hof datmodel, you can checkpoint, diff, migrate, and share your models.

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Data Flow

Define workflows with CUE

hof flow is a workflow engine which will . Define tasks, pass around inputs & outputs, hof will automatically infer dependencies. Use hof flow for scripting in CUE and much more.

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CUE Modules

Share and reuse with dependency management

CUE modules are the basis for packaging in hof. Version, share, and reuse any hof inputs with Go style dependency management. Many use hof mod as a stop gap to upstream CUE modules.

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Easily test downstream projects

Harmony is a small framework for testing downstream projects that have your project as a dependency. The key is easy setup for user projects while simplifying injection of any version of your project. Harmony is built on Dagger.io

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How Hof Works

using modules

  1. import a generator
  2. create a data model
  3. generate the code
  4. iterate: edit, update, regen

authoring modules

  1. create an input schema
  2. write templates and files
  3. tag and push to git
  4. tell your team and users
High Codeā„¢ for higher level creation

Rapidly develop with code generators customized for your technology

Compounding Capabilites

On your terms

Start with greenfield or adopt incrementally. Use your prefered tools, languages, and technologies. Supports both public and private repositories.

Automated code

Turn data models into full-stack apps with High Code generators and modules. Capture common patterns once and use within or across applications.

Declarative Apps

Build apps like infrastructure. Create complex software by combining and configuring modules, features, and adding your custom code.

Unblocked time

Reduce repetative code, common boilerplate, and error-prone code while you iterate with ease. Designed and built for developer workflows.

Resilient and reliable

Drive consistency in your code bases. Easily push updates or roll out security patches. Add advanced capabilites to your existing applications.

what our users say


"We migrated from 3 code gen systems to 1 with hof. I wrote 10 non-trivial templates, 4 partials, and with it generated over 1000 files. "


"Being able to specify our models in one place and keep our types consistent across languages has been game changing. I can't imagine doing this by hand again! "

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Create reusable templates to drive consistency and empower others
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