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Full-stack Applications

Build full-stack applications with ease. We handle the entire backend and the heavy lifting in the frontend. You customize the webapp, mobile frontends, and custom logic.

Data and ML Workloads

Quickly build data and machine learning workloads. Trigger from application events or run batch processes.

Container Run

Need to run containers, microservices, or static sites? Container Run allows you to run anything that can handle requests and responses.

Digital Transformation

Understanding We understand both your business needs and your computing systems.

Unified Automatically modernize your systems. Replace legacy code and data ponds into data lakes.

Lift & Shift Automatically modernize your infrastructure. Hofstadter can bring your existing systems into Studios and extend your legacy code with all of the Studios features.

Accelerate Stop letting legacy systems keep your from your business objectives.


Custom Development

We work as your technical partner to help you build your applications.


Get help when and how you need it.


We can provide personalized training sessions to help you get the most out of Hofstadter Studios.

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