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Hofstadter Platform

The Hofstadter Platform will accellerate your development velocity 10-20X.

Design Sessions

  • Project Analysis
  • 2-3 Day Session
  • Real-time Design
  • Fully Functional Outcome

Hofstadter Studios

  • Low-code Designer
  • Real-time Creation
  • Production Grade
  • Enterprise Ready

Whiteboard to Webapp

  • Smartboard built on Studios
  • More natural experience
  • Applications in real-time
  • Collaborative co-creation

We care about our work

We aim to exceed your expectations. We call it White Glove Service.

  • Creative Designs
  • Unparalleled Service
  • Exceptional Development

Let's Create Something Together

We help people go "From idea to application with ease." Contact us to start realizing your project today.

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